Dear Exceptional Author,

Welcome to another edition of Masterstroke.

I trust that the last blog about building your authentic side, kept you busy reviewing and thinking about what it would take to become an authentic author for your fans. This week I’d like focus on the 3 things to implement to demonstrate to your readers that you are an AUTHORITY on what you are writing about. Here goes:

Masterstroke #1- Write about things that you know well already. When you know something well, it comes through your writing and is credible.

Masterstroke #2- If a subject intrigues you but your knowledge is limited, talk to professionals about it, read books, surf the internet and build on what you already know. Your passion and authority can still be demonstrated through your learning.

Masterstroke #3- Finally, you don’t always have to write stories or give advice to save the world. Your hobbies and interests are also enjoyable to write about. You may have a creative side and produce journals, calendars or organizers that require minimal content. You are still a published author if you do.

To learn more about how to become an authority on the books you write, get your copy of Exceptional Authors are Authentic. Comment ME PLEASE to put your name of the waiting list for the e-book.

Go on, put your Masterstroke on it.