“Your editor should be someone who sees your vision and understands your purpose. Most of all, you should have an editor with a great track record, someone who you can enjoy a long term professional relationship with.”


To invest in your article or book, it is best that you understand exactly what you are looking for. As your editor, I understand that every one’s needs are unique. That is why I am on-point and deliver exactly what you order. If you are unsure about what you are looking for, and wish to discuss it to have a better understanding, feel free to contact us me the calendar for a FREE 30-minute call. Here is a comprehensive idea of the types of editing usually required for your book:

ProofreadWe will assess and deliver: Spelling Grammar Typos Consistency   Our focus: Words
Copy EditWe will assess and deliver: Paragraph structure Sentence structure Tone Readability Spelling Grammar Feedback on content   Our focus: Paragraphs and sentences
Structural EditWe will assess and deliver: Re-organisation of the structure Consolidate repetition Reduce any rambling (material that doesn’t come to the point) Make recommendations for new content   Our focus: Each chapter The whole book  
Developmental editWe will assess and deliver: A structural edit with: A review of the book Feedback on the structure with Recommendations on how to improve the content in a report   Our focus: Each chapter The whole book