Dear Exceptional Author,

Welcome officially to 2021- the year of giving you the tools to produce books with your Masterstroke. Over the next few weeks, I will run a series called 3 things. You can look forward to 3 of the most important tips, tricks and hacks to becoming exceptional authors. This series will run indefinitely because in the world of authoring, all things are ever dynamic, requiring updated information all the time.

We begin this week with 3 things to change or enhance your Authentic side.

Masterstroke #1- Explore your values and ensure that your audience is aware of it. They will identify with you and support your work when they know that you have a value system in place.

Masterstroke #2- Make sure that your books, social media posts (personal and professional), presentations and every other thing your audience gets to interact with are in line with the values you project. You can’t preach being pro-arranged marriage and then flaunt your boyfriend on social media for a year. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Masterstroke #3- Write using your own tone and voice. You will struggles to write with ease when you choose to write in a style that is different from yours. Keep it real. Let your personality come through your writing.    

To learn more about how to become authentic, get your copy of Exceptional Authors are Authentic comment ME please to put your name on a waiting list for the ebook.

Go on, put a Masterstroke on it!